Diverticulitis Patient Advisory Group is forming!

We are in the process of developing a patient advisory group of individuals who have been treated for diverticulitis to inform our efforts to improve the quality of care provided. The purpose of the advisory group is to create a forum where community members can work directly with clinicians and researchers to provide input and insight on the work underway to help ensure that the work we do is relevant to people who suffer from diverticulitis. The Comparative Effectiveness Research Translation Network (CERTAIN) organizes several patient advisory groups, including in vascular disease and low back pain.

As a patient partner, you would work with researchers and clinicians to help ensure that the patient experience is reflected in the work that we are conducting. This may include a variety of activities including sharing your experience as a person living with diverticulitis, helping to develop a survey directed to patients to learn about their experiences with diverticulitis, working with researchers and clinicians to develop measures for quality in diverticulitis care.  Please note that your involvement is not considered research. You will not be considered as a study participant, but you will be a study advisor.

As a patient advisor, the time commitment will include meeting with a team of researchers, clinicians and other patients once a month for an hour long meeting and occasional conference calls to review progress on work. We recognize that people are busy and will work to accommodate schedules to maximize participation. If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr. Val Simianu at (206)616-5536, or divgroup@becertain.org.

Your participation as a patient advisor is voluntary and there is no long term commitment required. Neither your decision about participating nor your input into any discussion will affect your medical care. Information you share with us will be kept confidential, it will not be shared with your doctor, or be released outside the University of Washington in any way that identifies you.

I look forward to your partnership in this project to make patient care better!


Val Simianu, MD
CERTAIN Diverticulitis Patient Advisory Group
Phone: (206)616-5536

David R. Flum, MD, MPH
Department of Surgery
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

Author: CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network

The CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network seeks to improve research by providing a way for patients to work in collaboration with researchers throughout the research process — from the identification of research questions to the communication of the results.

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