Mary’s Fund: 2019 Applications Now Open

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Mary’s Fund awards an annual scholarship of up to $500 to support, develop, and deepen patient-researcher partnerships. The 2019 application cycle will close on Friday, September 20, and the award will be announced in  early October.

Who does Mary’s Fund support?

Anyone participating in a patient-researcher partnership can apply for the Mary’s Fund award. Preference will be given to applications initiated by those representing the patient perspective, as we want to encourage patient partners to take leadership roles on their partnership teams.

What activities does Mary’s Fund support?

Funds are meant to support activities that are not otherwise funded that will enhance and deepen partnerships. Examples of potential awards include, but are certainly not limited to, supporting conference attendance and presentation of project work; providing compensation for patient/community partners in between funded research projects; obtaining additional training or education for research partners to increase research knowledge, participate in trust-building activities among partners, or develop knowledge and skills related to a research partnership.

We encourage you to be creative in thinking about what Mary’s Fund could support for your team! Mary was passionate about ensuring that research partnerships were mutually beneficial and satisfying, in addition to contributing to making research better, and we want this award to help teams work together.

What are the reporting requirements of the award?

We want Mary’s Fund to contribute to patient-researcher partnerships as a whole and to benefit the greater patient-centered outcomes research community. We ask that Mary’s Fund awardees identify some way in which they can share back lessons learned or other information or experiences obtained as a result of the Mary’s Fund award. This could include, but is not limited to, sharing tools and resources developed for inclusion on the Inspire Research Portal, writing blog posts detailing experiences and lessons learned, or sharing recaps of conference/workshop participation in the quarterly Patient Advisory Network newsletter. We invite your creative thinking on the best way to share valuable information with the Patient Advisory Network community.

How can I support Mary’s Fund, to continue this partnership support opportunity?

Donations are gratefully accepted to Mary’s Fund, to help us continue to honor the memory of Mary Roberts Scott. All donations are used to make awards to support and deepen patient-researcher partnerships. Mary’s Fund is administered by the University of Washington Surgical Outcomes Research Center. To contribute to Mary’s Fund, contact Sarah Lawrence.

Who was Mary Scott?

Mary ScottMary Roberts Scott was a founding CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network Patient Partner. She partnered on several research projects and engagement initiatives from 2013 until she passed away unexpectedly in July 2016. Mary was a strong proponent of patient involvement in research and healthcare delivery. She strengthened our work and taught us so much through her partnership and friendship. In her memory, Mary’s Fund was established to support and deepen patient-researcher partnerships.

Author: CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network

The CERTAIN Patient Advisory Network seeks to improve research by providing a way for patients to work in collaboration with researchers throughout the research process — from the identification of research questions to the communication of the results.

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